Travel Tips for a Great Trip!

It requires efficient planning and implementation to make your holidays successful and enjoyable. While travelling with family, friends or alone, there are different kinds of responsibilities at hand which you must make sure you fulfil to make your holidays successful.

Some of the people get worried for international travel, they get tensed as they fear of language problem, and they think there would difficulty in adjusting to the cuisine of the place. But nowadays, with the help of technology, one can be at ease as you check before hand some of the good restaurants which provide international cuisine and you can find some of your yummiest dish there. Also, vegetarians can look for some vegetarian restaurants and make a note of them beforehand. You can even check some of the most used words in their language and write them in a diary or learn them, so that these are useful if you get stranded in a new place. When you book travel packages from a reputed travel agency, they provide sightseeing tours with the local guide, which can be utmost helpful.

Travel Tips by JourneyCook

Here are some tips that will not only make you travel comfortably but travel smart too :

  1. Pack smart and travel light.
  2. Make sure you have all your documents i.e. passports, visas, tickets, traveler cheques, passport size photos, travel insurance etc if traveling abroad. Put them in a separate file cover or folder and keep it with you all the time.
  3. Be aware of the destination you are visiting, be it language, social customs, laws, weather etc. Exploit the internet and gather all the information that you can.
  4. Your itinerary details of the holiday package should be known to someone back home in case there is an emergency.
  5. Carry your medical kit in which you have all the medicines you need.
  6. Book tickets for travel in the off-season and at least 3 months in advance. They will be a lot cheaper.
  7. Carry a map of the city you are visiting. You should be aware of the basic geography.
  8. Haggling is a skill you must master in order to save some extra bucks.
  9. Avoid carrying valuables like jewellery.
  10. You must carry optimum currency of the country you are traveling to.


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