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Thailand is for all your sense. It will give you relaxation, excitement, fun, curiosity, peace and everything you need from a vacation. White sandy beaches, turquoise seas, limestone cliffs, delicious cuisine, there are endless options to enjoy your trip. If you are traveling with family or friends or partner, you need to plan your itinerary accordingly. To make your this choice easy, we have jotted down a few experiences which you must indulge in. Check them out:

Pamper yourself at a Spa


Thai saloon is the place for you to pamper yourself and enjoy some ME time. There are endless of massaging options available and you just need to choose the one which will give you the ultimate relaxation. From aromatherapy treatment, Thai foot massage to reflexology, traditional Wat Pho massage, choose the option and get relaxed. It’s not very expensive and you can also make your trip reasonable by searching tour and travel deals going on in the market.

Experience the beach life

Experience the beach life

Beaching is a way of living a life in Thailand. The lush green mountains and blue-green water make it a picture perfect place. Soak the sun and go for a swim in the crystal clear sea. Go sun-bathing and underwater diving at daytime and get all set to dance on the high beast at night shack party. You can also find luxurious cruises on yachts and enjoy a different sort of night.

Taste the authentic Thai meal

Taste the authentic Thai meal

The flavors of Thai food will give your taste buds a different type of hit. Zesty, spicy, tangy and impregnated flavors and fragrance makes Thai food super tempting. From street food to restaurants, you will find Thai food everywhere but we would suggest you go on a walk and taste the street food as it will give you the very authentic feel and taste.

Shop till you drop

Shop thailand

Thailand is the paradise for shopaholics and when you get the urge of shopping and filling your bags with some new stuff, you can hit Chinatown and Siam. You will find good items at very reasonable prices. Just know how to bargain, as it will save your money and you can add many items in your shopping bag.

Explore the famous floating market

floating market

It’s the most famous market and we bet when you think of Thailand, this floating market comes into your mind. So visit and enjoy the main attraction of this market, i.e food. They serve cooked seafood which you can buy and taste the authentic food. It looks like a fairy-tale and we know you will enjoy your visit here for sure. So this time experience something different and enjoy like never before.

So these are few experiences which you must have when in Thailand, so contact the best travel adviser like JourneyCook and get Pattaya Bangkok holiday packages that too at very reasonable prices.

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