Top 5 Beautiful Places to Visit in Thailand Once in Your Lifetime

Thailand tour

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Thailand is a place filled with ancient traditions and unforgettable culture. There so much to offer to every traveler from the beach to the jungle. People with every sort of traveling desire can enjoy their stay here. If you are an explorer then we would suggest you go out and walk a lot to explore and be the first one to visit any new place which gave never been seen by any traveler. Flaunt it on social media and make other travelers know about it.

You must not have been aware of this fact that Thailand is known as the Vegas of the East and this is the fact which makes it such a popular honeymoon destination. But there are some places in Thailand which are just too gorgeous to ignore and not to see in your lifetime. Here are they and we would recommend you that after going through it you should book your vacation packages to Thailand.

Picture perfect Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island

This is the superstar island and is being the favorite place for actors and directors. They have shot endless movies here, as no one can afford to miss the beauty of this island. Phi Phi’s elegant beauty is what attracts the tourists and makes it the most popular location for tourist in Thailand. Maya Bay is the place perfect for pictures with sunrise and if you are an adventurous person then you can opt for trekking and watch sharks as well. It’s a picture-perfect Island and people love to visit it with couples and friends to click some unforgettable memories.

Phuket – A beach heaven

Phuket – A beach heaven

Phuket is the favorite place for beach lovers, as the white soft sand and crystal clear sea water look just amazing. The palm fingered coastline is what attracts the romantic couples because it gives them the picture perfect location. Don’t miss any of the four Islands in Phuket, visit them all. What else you can do here is super rejuvenating massage and spa. It’s time to pamper yourself, so visit the beach, soak in the sun and then go for an ultimate massage. Now, that’s what we called a vacation.

Experience Thai culture at Hua Hin

Hua Hin

The travelers who love peace, Thailand is heaven for them. The hotels here take you on a tour of Thai culture. Here you will experience the enchanting ambiance and the welcome would be typical as per the Thai culture. You can visit golf resorts, night market for various products to grab for your family and friends. Don’t miss to visit the National Park to witness the caverns made of sandstones.

A lesser-known hilly area Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

This spell bounding place has great mountain ranges. The lush greenery and hill view make it a perfect place for honeymooners. The gorgeous nature is what you are going to see here and that will make you feel so fresh. The beauty is unexplainable of this hidden treasure in Thailand. You need to visit it to see it yourself and enjoy the view.

Extraordinary skyline and lifestyle of Bangkok

lifestyle of Bangkok

The best way to start your Thailand is from the Bangkok and Pattaya. Take a few days to explore the place and get blended with Thai culture. This place will not only be going to make your journey worthy but also will give the treat to your tummy with mouth-watering cuisine. So now waiting for what? Need an occasion to travel? Nope!! Book your Bangkok Pattaya package now and start your journey as soon as possible.

So these are 5 places you should visit once in your lifetime. Enjoy your vacation by booking your cheap vacation packages from JourneyCook as they are going to offer you the best deals on your travel. Contact them now and make your trip more worthy.

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