Tips For Traveling To Singapore

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Singapore is considered one of the world’s prosperous countries. When you will go out for a walk here, you will be going to see the endless beauty and very impressive contemporary architecture, highly adequate subway system, skyline and high-end shopping malls.

With the title of the melting pot of Asia, it shows the cultural diversity and ethnicity. You can see the iconic structures like Supertree Grove and Marina Bay Sands which is very impressive. But there is something which cannot be ignored and that is the ethnic pocket of the country which is filled with traditions and unique heritage.

Hop on the bus that will take you on a tour where you can see little India, Arab Street, Kampong Glam and Chinatown. All these features make Singapore an interesting and fascinating place to visit. So start searching tour and travel deals to get the best prices in advance booking. Here are some tips to consider when you visit Singapore.


Remember Cameras are watching You

In almost all the places you are going to find the camera installed. So when you are taking a tour and roaming, just remember you are being watched all the time. This is the major reason that Singapore is a crime free place and has no crime rate.

Do Not Chew Gum


Yes, you heard it right chewing gum in Singapore is totally illegal and is considered as breaking a law. So if you are habitual of chewing gum then you have to take a break from it when visiting Singapore as it can get you in trouble.

No Tipping


Yes, we know that many people like to tip in clubs, restaurants, pubs as well as hotels but in Singapore tipping is not allowed, so remember this as it can make you suffer a lot.

Do Not Litter


This is a very important thing to keep in mind when you explore Singapore. You will be excused for littering things on the street only 2 times and 3rd time if you repeat it then you will be punished with cleaning streets on Sunday and guess what is the worst part, you will be carrying a signboard around your neck which says “I am a litterer”. So beware.

Enjoy the Traditional Foot Massage


When you are on a vacation, all you desire is relaxation and pampering yourself, so here comes the traditional foot massage which will give you a high-level relaxation. This massage will instantly make you feel rejuvenated and fresh. So it’s a very important tip that when you are in Singapore don’t miss this pleasure.

You can communicate in English

A very relieving statement is that Singapore is King in English. Approximately 80% of the population speaks English and can understand it clearly. You must have heard that Chinese, Malay, and Tamil are the languages fluently spoken in Singapore but English is also considered as the main language in this place. So take a deep breath as you won’t find any language problem here.

These are a few tips that you should definitely keep in mind when traveling to this gorgeous place. And if you have some energy left you can also add Bali in your package and enjoy the beauty of both the places. You can ask your travel adviser to book Singapore Bali cruise package for you and we would recommend you to contact JourneyCook, as they offer best deals on holiday packages.

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