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Bangkok pattaya tour

pattaya tour

A traveling experience in Pattaya is all about getting relaxed and having fun with your partner. From beaches to water sports, from seafood to temples, this beautiful place has something for everyone. If you are looking for some adventure or a romantic dinner with your partner or even something spiritual, this place will give you everything you want.

So start searching your tour and travel deals to enjoy your trip. We have jotted down few things to know about Pattaya for you.

Pattaya beach

1. We all know that the weather plays a very vital role when it comes to traveling, so we would like to inform you that from April till May is the hottest time of the year in Pattaya. If you love rain then September and October is the best time to visit. Rains normally fall at night so it won’t spoil your vacation and day would be a little cool because of the rains at night.

2. Travelers should opt for a local transport that is Songthaews as it will give you the real view of the city. It is affordable also so can save some money by traveling in Songthaews but don’t forget to keep some change with you.

3. Visiting local restaurants can save you a lot of money but it is recommended to try some upscale restaurants as well. A rich dinner would cost averagely Euro 50.

4. To buy some souvenirs, crafts, gifts, perfumes, clothes and other items, you should visit an open market. You can do some bargaining in the local market and buy a lot by saving a lot.

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5. If you are shopping in a local market, it is very much advisable to beware of fake brand clothes and try to identify them because you are going to get confiscated in the airport.

6. Tipping is very much famous in Pattaya, so when you visit any café and restaurants remember to pay 5% of the total bill to the waiter. It can be in coins and if you want to tip taxi driver or other staff, it is suggested to use notes.

7. When you go shopping of goods and services, remember to pay in Thai currency. However, they do accept Euro and US dollars but the exchange rate would be a bit higher. So save your money and carry Thai currency with you always.

pattaya city

8. There are some rules and regulations that every traveler has to follow when in Pattaya. Like you should not laugh or speak on a higher tone in public place. Conversation with your partner should be in a quiet and calm way because excessive excitement is not seen by Pattaya people and they consider it disrespectful.

So these are the few things you should know before visiting Pattaya, as it will help you to not to indulge into any problem with local people and you can enjoy your trip calmly. Now the thought that strike our mind is that from where to book cheapest Bangkok Pattaya tour package, well we would recommend you to contact JourneyCook, as they will offer you best deals and discount. So make yourself and your pocket happy by getting in touch with JourneyCook.

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