Stunning Places To Visit In Asia During Christmas


Christmas is around the corner and many travelers are searching the internet to check the best travel destination where they can have the best time. New York, London and Vienna are the 1st preference when any person thinks of Christmas but have you ever thought of visiting Asia and see how they celebrate Christmas? Well, you will be amazed to see how beautifully they celebrate Christmas, not less than New York or London. Check out the places we have mentioned below and enjoy your Christmas in Asia.



You would have heard that Thailand is popular as Honeymoon destination but you won’t believe that how beautiful and attractive the place looks during Christmas. Christmas is not a holiday here but people do take off and enjoy the twinning lights in shopping malls. You would even experience and enjoy the decorated Christmas tree. It starts from Christmas and then till New year Thailand shines bright.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong

You have to be in Hong Kong to believe that Christmas is so beautifully celebrated here. It’s a public holiday here and it is celebrated with Taoist festival. You will see the Christmas lights and Trees in major malls as well as buildings facing Victoria Harbor. The best part is shopaholics can shop branded clothes at bargained prices. You can also enjoy world-class Chinese delicacies and alcohol here.



In Singapore, it is a secular festival which is celebrated with a full spark with all sort of entertainment, shopping and talking to Santa Claus. In Lion City, you will see that they celebrate Christmas as all-dancing and singing festival. From the rock concert, exhibitions and parties, we bet you are going to have a blast this Christmas if you visit Singapore. The shopping centers are open for extended hours and offer special deals to attract the tourists. So why not book your cheap vacation package now and fly to Singapore.



For Japanese people, Christmas is a special holiday. They believe that 1st sunrise of New Year brings power, therefore they through big parties on Christmas and New Year. December is considered to be the most festive month in Japan and you will see the lights and smiling face of the people around you. So why to visit some monotonous place and see the same fun, when you can visit Japan and enjoy something different.



In Malaysia Christmas is celebrated in a very unique way. Giant Christmas tree is put up in malls and streets a week before and everywhere you will see the lights which will make your mood to dance. From the middle of December, the tradition of singing Carol begins. And even Santa Claus comes with candies and sweets to visit children. It’s more fun in Malaysia when it comes to celebrating Christmas. The cuisine is scrumptious, the beaches are stunning and sites are amazing.

It’s a peak season in Asia and you need to decide a few months before to book your tickets to one of these places. Consider the above-mentioned places and you won’t get confused to decide where to go this Christmas. And for your travel booking, you can contact JourneyCook, as they will offer you the best tour and travel deals which will make your travel pocket-friendly and convenient.

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