Seven Tips to Find Cheapest Air Fares for International Flights

Multitude airlines, picturesque destinations, top class hotels, and modernized infrastructural facilities around the world have revolutionized the era of traveling. With the availability of cheap international air tickets, it has become easier for travelers to travel round the world. Be it for pleasure, official purposes or emergency conditions, people can fly from one place to another within short span of time and that too with great ease. But buying cheap international tickets can be difficult at times and you might end up paying three-four times more than the published fare. Here are some tips to help you save money on your next memorable getaway.
In fact, there’s no real shortcut to find cheap air tickets. As with any buy, you need to get the best deal – by browsing different travel sites, varying your dates and waiting for just the right deal in accordance with your budget.


In case you ponder on these tips, you could save big on your next international fares:

  1. Search for Airfares Online – Various travel sites provide the opportunity to compare the air fares of various airlines. It is also not hidden that airlines offer low fares to customers who check their prices online. These travel sites have tied up with numerous airlines to get hold of their cheap tickets. It is recommended to check the various sites of trusted travel companies to save on air fares for your travel. Some travel sites provide the opportunity to save more by booking accommodation and air tickets together. Register with the trusted travel companies and remain updated on their best holiday deals and discounted offers. Sign up for their newsletters and e-mail alerts. This way you’ll not miss their exciting packages and save money also.
  2. Buy at the Right Time– You must book your tickets in advance to avoid high air fares later. It has been researched that the best time to buy tickets is 6 weeks before a trip. It is also suggested that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to book cheap tickets. Also, when you book in advance you can book for early morning flights which are cheaper than afternoon or evening flights.
  3. Try Being Flexible about Airlines– If you want to save more on tickets, keep your options flexible while choosing an airline. Airlines compete to offer cheap tickets for particular destinations. Thus it is advisable to conduct an online comparative analysis of all the airlines flying to your preferred destination.
  4. Try Being Flexible about the Choice of Airports – If it is possible to vary the choice of airports for your departure or arrival, consider all the options available. It can help to give you a good deal on your tickets.
  5. Try Keeping Good Connections with Travel Agents– Airlines give number of offers and discounts to travel but due to limited inventory, these are sold off very quickly. Take advantage of these discounted tickets by having good connection with agents or agencies.
  6. Watch for Last Minute Deals– If your itinerary is flexible, watch out for last minute offers by airlines to fill their empty seats. Many a time these empty seats are sold off at much lower price than the original.
  7. Book Connecting Flight instead of Direct Flight– If time is not a constraint, you can book connecting flight to your preferred destination rather than a direct flight. This way you get to relish the locales of the city from where you will be catching the next flight to your destination. As a matter of fact connecting flights are much cheaper than direct or non-stop flights.

Thus, searching and booking for a flight from Newark to Chennai is more about knowledge and planning. Plan in advance to give your journey a head start. I hope these tips help you save more on tickets and get you cheapest air fares for international flights. It is all about enjoying your whole trip with little more preparation. Pack your bags and explore new destinations!

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