Reasons Why Bali Is a Paradise On Earth

Bali vacation package

bali vacation package

This is very obvious that when you heard the word “Bali”, an urge for vacation comes into your heart. The beauty, the food, the temples, everything about Bali is so special and interesting. There are plenty of reasons why every tourist wants to visit the Island of the gods but we have jotted down few for you.

This place doesn’t need many reasons to travel as it is already on top of the list of the tourists who are searching a place for the honeymoon, friend’s group travel or some exciting activities with siblings. Still, if you know some reasons then it’s here check them out:

Paradise is here:

bali vacation

Is your soul demanding some sunshine? A trip to Bali will fulfill your desire, as Bali has 12 to 13 hours of shiny sunshine. So if your doctor has recommended sea, sand, and sunshine as the perfect treatment for breaking monotony then you should book your Bali vacation packages now.

Photos to rock your social media accounts:

This place is so worthy for clicking endless photos. So never ever forget to take your DSLR with you to capture some unforgettable moments with the beauty of Bali. The white fluffy clouds, crystal blue sea, pink sunrise, tropical green lushness all over the place and black sand, every bit of Bali makes it a picture-perfect place for you. So start clicking and posting on your social media accounts to let people know who beautiful is Bali and what they are missing by not visiting it.

A Spiritual Land

bali holiday package

There is something so different about Bali. The feeling which comes when you enter the land is so divine. You won’t believe the fact that Bali has 20,000 temples, from cave-mouth of the carved deity at Goa Gajah or bathing in holy temple water at Pura Titra Empul, the place gives you all the reasons to worship and get devoted.

Tropical Temptations

bali indonesia holiday package

You can get endless tropical fruits in Bali. From longan to dragonfruit, from sweet lychee to jackfruit. There some new flavors as well which you can explore and try. You can even take some new fruits with you back home and let the other members of your family and friends taste it as well. If you are a fruit lover then this place is a paradise for you.


You must have heard of wayang shadow puppetry and Balinese dance but have you ever noticed the music playing at these performances? Well, it’s the gamelan orchestra, it’s the famous sound you will find in Indonesia and is loved by many tourists.

These are a few reasons which are more than enough to motivate you to visit Bali. So don’t wait more and start searching Tour and travel deals for your Bali Indonesia holiday package. Well, we would recommend you to contact JourneyCook as they have some very fascinating deals and offers on packages. And they are always available to patiently offer you best package for your travel as well as guide you regarding your travel.

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