Plan your Vacation to the Most Vibrant City of India- Goa at Affordable Air Tickets

India is a huge country and on the western part of it, in Konkan region a small state Goa is located. In terms of population, it could take the top position out of four other states. It is surrounded by many other states, Maharashtra in north, Karnataka in east and the western division of coastal part by Arabian Sea. So, you can easily book your affordable air-tickets to this vibrant city of India with much ease from any of the travel sites. If you book in advance, you would save a lot on the airfares.

People around the world visit Goa during holidays such as Christmas and at the same time to enjoy New Year. It is famous for its vibrant nightlife.

Panaji is the capital City whereas the biggest town of Goa is Vasco in terms of population. Margao is influenced by Portuguese Civilization.

Goa is known for its beaches and is also famous for its shrines and the rich cultural heritage. Different types of plants and animals are also a reason for attraction for many travelers. National and international travelers who visit Goa participate and enjoy the different traditions of that place. People who reside there have good living standard and therefore is known as one of the most urbanized state.


Goa has both national and international airports. The military airports are used for domestic flights also. The distance between airbase and Panaji is 15 km. Many national airlines starting from Delhi and landing on Goa are Kingfisher, Air Sahara, JetAir, GoAir, Air Deccan, Indian Airlines, Indigo, Air India. Goa is linked with many major cities and metropolitans through these flights.

Goa is linked to many countries in world through many international flights such as Air Arabia, Thai Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Air India. Private companies run their own charted flights. To reach capital of Goa from airport at least 2 hrs will be taken. In order to help travelers to visit their specific locations in Goa, Autos and many Taxis are available on airport.

Thus, plan your next vacation to this awesome city of India. You can have an awesome time with friends, family or in a group of complete strangers. This city has in stored something for everyone irrespective of age. Travel agents can help you plan a lot your holiday in Goa. From affordable hotels to sightseeing, everything is planned beforehand by them so that you can only relax and enjoy your holiday.

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