Packing Guide For Your Thailand Trip

Thailand travel guide

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Traveling can be a mess if you leave some essential stuff to pack. It is so very important to make a list before you start packing your things because normally we miss out the most important thing. So to save yourself from getting disappointed when you start searching that most important thing in your bag after reaching the destination, here we share a packing guide for your Thailand trip as per the weather and travel requirements.

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Check the list below:

Bug Spray and Sunscreen

You must be thinking that both these things can be bought at Thailand as well but we would recommend you to keep at least a small bottle with you so that you can avoid high prices and don’t have to waste your time on roaming around and finding your favorite sunscreen or bug spray.

Slip-on shoes

Due to some rules in Thailand, you have to frequently take off your shoes not only at temples or someone house but also at shops, restaurants, cafes and massage parlors. So, it’s comfortable to wear a breathable slip on instead of wearing shoes or strappy sandals that takes time to get open.

Rain jacket

The main rainy month in Thailand is May – October but you can’t trust the rain in Bangkok. So when you are planning to go for an elephant hiking and moto taxi rides, you should carry a raincoat that won’t spoil your thrill and will maintain the excitement.

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Carry a water bottle

Buying a water bottle can cost you much but refilling will be done in just a few cents, so it’s always a better idea to save more and refill the bottle with filtered water instead of buying it.

Hiking shoes

You are going to get so many opportunities for hiking in Thailand, so it’s better to keep a pair of hiking shoes, in case you feel like going for hiking. If you are planning to stay at Phuket or Bangkok and Krabi than obviously hiking shoes will not come in use but in Thailand, you may find few places where people prefer to go for some hiking.


Just like in USA and Canada, Thailand also has the same outlet but they also use “C type” outlet. So it’s better to be smarter and carry a universal converter or a specific one. It’s totally your call.

Regardless of time, weather or year, here are some travel essentials which you must carry with you when traveling to Thailand.

1. Slip-on shoes
2. Warm weather clothing
3. Bug spray
4. Rain gear (jacket, rain fly, dry sacs)
5. A water bottle
6. A sweater or sweatshirt
7. Sunscreen
8. Bathing suit
9. Converter
10. Hiking shoes

So is the lists of items that you should carry with you when going to travel Thailand. And for your ultimate Thailand vacation package communicate your travel requirements with JourneyCook and they will be happy to assist you 24X7. So pack your bags as per the list and don’t forget your basic items which are not mentioned in the list.

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