New Things To Try In Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia Holiday Tour package

bali indonesia holiday package

Think of Bali and first thought which comes into your mind is tranquilizing your soul at golden beaches, soaking the sun and relaxing a bit. We know that beach freaks love to visit Bali but there is a lot more which you can explore here. It’s more than the beach. So check out the list jotted down below and don’t forget to add these activities in your Bali Indonesia holiday package.

Abandoned Planes in Kuta and Pandawa

bali indonesia holiday package

It looks very fascinating when you see abandoned planes like Boeing 737 is positioned in the middle of the residential area and the second one near Pandawa Beach. Visitors click lots of pictures wondering how they landed in the middle of the residential area and beach. It is very interesting to see them and explore the planes.

Drive a Vintage Car

For people who have a soft corner for vintage cars and scooters can head to Exotic Rides to explore the most interesting vehicles. From Classic VW Kombi Vans to Plymouth Deluxe 1951 to Australian 1961 Ek Holdens and Vintage Vespas there are so many beauties to soothe your eyes and enhance your love for vintage vehicles. A ride can cost you some dollars but checking it out is free.

At the Tegal Wangi Beach Enjoy Private Jacuzzi

bali indonesia tour package

You can enjoy free private Jacuzzi as along the beach at Tegal Wangi, the sea water fills the holes and turned it into a private Jacuzzi. It’s a kind of amazing gift by nature to the beach. It’s very fascinating and charming as you can relax in Jacuzzi by staring at the ocean as well. It’s a very divine feeling.

Jump Over the Boulders at the Beach of Boulders

In this Mystery Boulder Beach, you can explore all size and shapes of boulders. It’s so gorgeous that you would love to spend your maximum time here. It has very delightful sight, so you have to carry a camera with you to click the pictures of glistening rocks. It’s a beautiful sight to soothe your eyes and relax your soul by just the mesmerizing view. It’s a must to visit the place, so don’t forget to add it in your Bali packages.

At Kuta Beach Explore The Turtles

best beach in Bali

At Kuta beach, you can learn about sea turtles. The Bali Sea Turtle Society has opened a large nursery which is of turtle shape and you can find sand beds there which contains eggs which was rescued and if you are lucky enough you may see the hatchling of eggs into the sea.

These are few activities which you can do in Bali apart from visiting the beach and relaxing. There are more which you can explore after visiting the place. But it is highly suggested that don’t do the monotonous stuff which other people are doing when visiting Bali, you can definitely do something different and explore the new things it offers. Now you must be aware of the interesting things you can do, so now book your cheap packages from JourneyCook and enjoy the hassle-free trip.

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