Indulge Into These Experiences When In Thailand

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Thailand is all about turquoise seas, tropical beauty, and white sand beaches attract every tourist to come here and enjoy their trip. There are so many things to do in Thailand that can rejuvenate your soul as well as add some new stuff in your closet. Places like Bangkok and Pattaya is a must to visit and you can contact your travel adviser to design a Bangkok Pattaya tour package for you. Here are few things you must do when in Thailand. Scroll down:

Beach Life

Beaches are the heart of Thailand. You can find some very beautiful beaches in Phuket. The picture perfect view with blue-green water and mountains will make your clicks more beautiful. You can go snorkeling or can soak sun with night party fun. If you love cruises and want some quality time with your partner you can opt for luxury cruises on yachts. There are endless things to live the amazing beach life.


Shop As much As You Can

Thailand is the paradise for shopaholics. Head to Chinatown and Siam to shop some great stuff at very reasonable prices. Some people specially visit Thailand to do shopping. From Thai lanterns, lights, furniture, silk, clothes to jewelry, t-shirt and Thai carvings, you can get endless of things to buy here. High brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and many more you can easily find here. So turn on your shopping side when in Thailand.

Rejuvenate Your Body At A Spa

Pamper yourself at Thai salon with some massage options. We would recommend you to go for traditional Wat Pho massage, Thai foot massage, and reflexology. These options are best to make your body relaxed. You can also try aromatherapy treatments as well as Eastern therapies which focus on physical, spiritual and mental harmony.


Taste The Authentic Thai Meal

The Thai food is spicy, zesty and full of flavors, so if you are a big foodie then Thailand is the best place for you. Try the juicy piece of grilled meat, hot wok of Pad Thai, a bowl of Tom Yom Soup and give your tummy a treat. From yum breakfast to delicious dinner, you will get every food that will definitely not going to disappoint you. To complete your meal don’t forget to have Mango Sticky Rice as the sweet dish.

These are few experiences you can enjoy in Thailand and would love to visit again. There are so many other things you can try while exploring Thailand. So, book your Pattaya Bangkok holiday packages and get tour and travel deals from JourneyCook.

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