Important Visa for Travelling to India

India Visa to travel to India
India Visa to travel to India
Indian Visa

There have been changes to the types of Indian Visas by the Indian government recently. For tourist visa and X(Entry) visas new restrictions have been levied. Read on to know more about the new visas and guidelines.

1.  Tourist Visa This visa is basically for people who wish to travel to India for sightseeing and visiting friends. Tourist visa can be provided not for more than 6 months, but some exceptions are there depending on the nationality of the applicant. If you wish to apply for tourist visa within 1 month of its expiry date, it takes around 45 days of approval as the application comes from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

2. X(Entry) Visa As per the guidelines issued in 2010, an X visa is applicable to only the following people:

  • A foreigner who is of Indian Origin
  • Children and Spouse of a foreigner who is an Indian Citizen or of Indian Origin.
  • Spouse or Children of a Foreigner who has a long term visa like Business visa or Employment visa.

There is no two month gap for this visa as with the Tourist visa. Thus, people of Indian Origin must apply for this visa. You cannot work with this visa in India. This visa can be extended in India only and there is no need to leave the country every six months.

3. Employment Visa Foreigners working in India for an organization which is registered in India get Employment Visa. Also, the foreigners who are enrolled in long term internship programs in India also get this visa. This kind of visa is normally granted for a period of 1 year or till the term of the contract. This visa can also be extended in India. As per the latest guidelines, a foreigner applying for Employment visa must be earning $25,000 for an year or more, however there are exception to this rule for non-English language teachers, members of Foreign High Commissions, Embassies, volunteers, ethnic cooks and translators.

4. Student Visa This kind of visa is issued to people, who wish to study in India at an institute which is recognized by Indian government. This includes the study of Vedic culture, Indian system of dance and music and study of yoga. Depending on the duration of course, student visa issued. This visa can be issued for a span of 5 years also.

5. Business Visa For foreigners who wish to explore the business opportunities in India. For business visa, the applicants need a letter from the organization; they wish to do business with. Also, applicants would be required to state the duration of stay, places to be visited and intention to meet the expenses incurred and nature of business. This kind of visa is valid for a maximum time period of six months or more with multiple entries. Foreigners setting up joint venture sin India are granted 10 year business visa and others cannot stay in India for more than 6 months.

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