Important Checklist Before Boarding A Flight!

Nowadays, with the airlines being stingy with their snacks and other meals as well as the pillows and blankets costing extra money, it is a good idea to go prepared on the flights and carry your own stuff. Flight delays are also very common on the international flights and you have to be prepared whether you are taking the long haul flights or the short ones.

Here are a Few Things that are a Must to Carry on Every Flight:

Food and Snacks

  • You must bring something to eat as the snacks offered by the airline may not suit your taste buds.
  • You must also pack some gum or lozenges so that you do not have ear ache during takeoff and landing.
  • Do not carry smelly items like meat and other things which might disturb your fellow passengers.

Comfort Stuff

  • The in-flight temperature may drop and the cabin may get chilly. So, it would be a good idea to pack a sweater or a sweatshirt or a wrap to keep warm.
  • If you have kids traveling with you, then you must also carry their socks and caps so that they do not catch a cold.
  • Neck pillows which are especially made for air travel are also a good thing to carry as they can make your travel comfortable.

Important Toiletries and Medicines

  • In case there are long delays or if suddenly you feel unwell on the flight, it will be very difficult to get the medicine that suits you. So, it will be wise to carry some prescription medications, lip balm, nasal sprays, moisturizers etc.
  • You must follow the transport security guidelines for carry on gels and liquids.
  • Carry some essential toiletries which are also helpful in the case of delays and if there are some you just can’t do without.

Ways of Entertainment in the Flight

  • Carry your electronic devices like tablets, phones, ipods etc and charge them well before boarding the flight so that you can watch movies, read, listen to music or play games.
  • You can also have some books or magazines which can come in handy on the long haul flight and you would have something to do.
  • You can also have some time as nap time on the flight to relax and get fresh during your journey so that you are rejuvenated when you reach your destination.

Thus, the tips above will help you to take your flights from USA to India or from any other destination smoothly and comfortably.

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