Holiday Packages to Rajasthan- Where Royalty can be Experienced

If you are planning for a holiday in India then come and experience the beauty of Rajasthan- where royalty can be experienced, monuments can be seen, bravery is discovered in the city of Rajputs. The state consists of large wildlife as well as blazing deserts, forts depicting timeless beauty, beautiful palaces and heritage hotels, scenic beauty of lakes and hills. The place can never disappoint you.

Apart from heritage hotels, monuments and exhilarating wildlife, there are many other places also. Rajasthan cities are truly fascinating. Jaipur is the capital city which is called Pink City. Places to be visited in Jaipur are Jantar Mantar, majestic city and also different picturesque sites. One of the most romantic places in India is Udaipur. Other cities like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Bikaner etc. also forms a part of Rajasthan which has its unique style and charm.

Here various festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Teej, Camel, Mewar, Pushkar, Elephant are the different festivals celebrated here. It is always advised to visit Rajasthan at the time of festivals as the whole state is covered with the joy and excitement of festive environment.


No other place in India has paradoxes that this state has. During the tour you will experience that everything like music, costumes, tradition, culture, cuisine, customs etc. about the state is beautiful and amazing. People are friendly as well as very good in hospitality. During your travel, in monsoons one can enjoy camel safari and can enjoy the natural beauty. Beauty of deserts can be exclusively enjoyed in monsoon which is not possible in any other time. Hence, the best time and season to enjoy desert of Rajasthan and north western part of Himalayan region.

Shopping here is a great fun. It can be counted as one rich state in terms of art and craft. To buy Souvenirs, visit the local market. Paintings, bags, terracotta, art pieces, fabrics, Furniture, stones everything is just simply amazing and unique.

Land of various monuments, palaces and magnificent forts- Rajasthan attracts tourists from across the world. Some palaces are converted to heritage hotels now. Leaving aside heritage hotels there are many grand hotels also with modern facilities. Every year many tourists visit this place to enjoy wildlife, flora and different fauna species, blazing deserts and timeless monuments.

Attractive tour packages are made available through agencies and operators which gives you the best deals to make it easier and enjoyable. Information can also be taken from them regarding Rajasthan tourism. There are many cheap holiday packages available for Rajasthan. These packages are combined with flight and hotel deals for more saving of tourists. So, visit this place with your family or dear ones and gain a lifetime of experience.

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