Goa – Favorite Beach Getaway, WHY?

Goa is a vibrant and one of the most visited tourist destination of India. Rightly acclaimed as ‘the Rome of the Orient’, it offers beautiful churches, colorful culture, lush gardens and serene beaches to all the tourists.  Presenting a perfect blend of interesting Indo-European architecture and their cultural influences, it is a perfect place to rejuvenate with your near and dear ones. Enrich your travel by visiting this picturesque paradise full of gleaming Portuguese house and candid, welcoming people.

The heritage of Goa is adorned by its traditional folk arts, dance and music of Goa. Treat your palate with the exotic variety of international vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood cuisines. Indulge in adventurous water sports at golden beaches to tingle you beyond your expectation. Indeed, it is a favorite place whether traveling with a group of friends, or family or for a romantic sojourn.


There are certain points which make Goa, a favorite place for visitors from round the world:

  1. Beaches (obviously): In a small area, what can be more exciting than having 36 astounding beaches. Even more, each beach has individual characteristic of its own. Beaches of North Goa are more popular stopovers for both locals and tourists. Beaches of north Goa are swarmed by tourists due to local markets and beach side restaurants there.  South Goa beaches are gaining popularity because of the serene and quiet holiday experience they offer to tourists.  Water sports are available at all the beaches. You can indulge in parasailing, sea fishing, scuba diving, water skiing and many more.
  2. Sun: Longing for sun, Goa will prove to be an ideal place to load up for vitamin D. Sun bathing along with a drink on the beach, will fill you with a new enthusiasm to enjoy life.
  3. Abundant breathtaking views: You can easily hire a bike or a car to roam around in Goa. You will explore the unseen beauty of Goa. Majestic waterfalls, lazy rivers, swaying coconut trees will keep you spellbound. A romantic drive is waiting for you in these narrow roads which are bordered by long tall swaying tress. An icing on the cake would be local bars on the side of roads.
  4. Massage: Go for myriad massage options that Goa stores for you. You can either take it directly on beaches or in their specialized centers. It is a perfect way to pamper yourself after the hustle bustle of nowadays busy life.
  5. Architecture & Culture: The churches and convents of Goa have been declared as a World cultural heritage by the UNESCO. The mix of Portuguese and Hindu architecture leaves all the tourists awestruck. Visit to Goa would be incomplete without visiting old Goa which includes an Archaeological Museum, museum of Christian Art, and Wax World, an Indian representative of Madame Tussauds. Soak in the culture of Goa by its folk music and foot tapping dance.
  6. Food: Fresh and scrumptious seafood including tiger prawns, lobsters, fish steaks tickle the taste buds of every tourists. Also treat your palate with traditional Goan cuisine like vindaloo, sorpotel, xakuti and the delicious sol kadiwill will definitely leave you craving for more.
  7. Economical: A holiday in Goa can be easily affordable by all. An entire day in Goa can be spent in mere 400 bucks or 5 pounds in your wallets. This cost obviously doesn’t include the rent of hotels. But Goa has numerous affordable accommodation options without blowing off your budget.  The only thing required is to plan in advance to grab the cheapest air fare possible.

Goa is indeed the perfect choice for you! There are lots of surprises stored for the visitors, come and explore the unseen beauty and relax on the serene and picturesque beaches of Goa.

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