Foods for Your Palate, when Holidaying in India

Traveling to foreign countries, gives you a golden opportunity to soak their culture. To feel like a local, one must taste the most authentic dishes of the country. You might have definitely tried these foods in your own country, but when you taste them in their home countries, these foods are truly a treat for your palate.

India, a beautiful country is known for its diversity. This diversity is not only in cultures, dressing sense, language but also in cuisine. Every State of India is known for its different variety of food it presents. Right from the street vendors to luxury hotels, you can try the local dishes and satisfy your taste buds.
But what would be the foods that you must not miss for sure while traveling to India from USA? Let’s discuss a few of them which are the most popular.

Tandoori Food

Tandoori1Right from the tandoori oven, tandoori foods are the most popular as they are healthy and can be enjoyed without counting calorie intake. These Tandoori ovens have been a used in India from ages. They are nothing but a large clay pot in which charcoal burns at the bottom. Food is cooked in it by simply sticking the food in the top portion of the oven or grilling the food over the flames. Food cooked in the oven has this mysterious charcoal flavor which is loved throughout the world.
The most popular Tandoori foods are Tandoori chicken, Tandoori Paneer. You must definitely try thee in north India.


Idli1You can call it the staple breakfast of people of Southern India. Although highly popular with people of South, but nowadays, people belonging to North India also relish this food due to its simplicity and awesome taste. Also, when the batter is ready for idli, it is cooked in merely 10 minutes. Thus, it forms the quickest breakfast. Similarly, Dosa can be cooked from the same batter.  Dosa is cooked on a flat tawa and can be filled with different fillings like boiled potatoes, cheese, mix veg and many others depending on your taste. These are immensely healthy as prepared form the batter of lentil and rice. Also, these are steamed thus, forming the healthiest breakfast.

Chappati and Naan

Naan1These two are breads without which Indian cuisine is incomplete. These both the breads differ in their flour and way of cooking. Naan is prepared from white flour and cooked over tandoor whereas, chappati is made from whole wheat flour and cooked over flat pan. There are different varieties of naan cooked in India. Stuffed naan is also popular amongst the people. Also, you won’t stop licking your finger after having the combo of ‘panner naan’ with gravy which is readily available in North India. These both are served with gravy.



Biryani1For both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, chicken and veg biryani form the most sumptuous food. This is made from rice base and is heavily spiced to give it the authentic flavor. The spices are mixed with meat and vegetables and served hot with raita.

These above mentioned foods are surely a treat for the epicureans. While holidaying in India, you must surely try these foods.

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