Facts about Connecting Flights V/S Direct Flights

Most of the people prefer non-stop flights for their journey, isn’t it? But if you save a great deal of money on connecting flights, would you go for it?
According to the poll conducted on face book and after querying thousands of people, it has been observed that people are willing to pay more for non-stop flights than connecting flights because of number of reasons. These reasons are listed below:

  • Time spent at the airports is less.
  • Most of the people have different time constraints when they are traveling.
  • Probability to miss the flights is less.
  • Less chance of getting cancelled flights.
Connecting V/S Direct Flights

But there are few people who prefer connecting flights over direct flights. Apart from the cheap airfares, there are other benefits too. Some of them are listed below:

  • Breaking up the Flight: Traveling with kids on a long duration flight can be stressful. Thus, if your long 14 hour journey can be divided into two shorter flights it will be easier to handle the kids. Kids will be more comfortable and fresh on reaching the destination.
  • “Free” Trips: During international flights, layovers can be as long as 24 hours. Thus, one can sneak out of the airport and quickly move around the city to catch the major sightseeing spots.
  • Convenience: During domestic travel, the layovers can be up to 5hours. This is enough to catch up with a relative or friend over a sumptuous meal.

So, Which Flight to Choose- Connecting or Non-Stop?
The answer to this question is never simple.
Firstly, if your main concern is cheapest airfares then it is always that you find all the routs with connections cheaper. For long distance flights, you shall surely find cheap flights such as between Boston and Bangalore.
Secondly, you must also consider certain other factors like weather to make your connection worthwhile. For example, in January the better connection would be Dallas to Fort than Chicago.
You must also be cautious while choosing connecting flights as with more connections, higher are the chances for flights delays, cancellations and luggage lost.
If you have a time constraint, then it is better to pay extra fro that non-stop flight.

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