Enjoy your Holiday Packages by Combating the Jet Lag

Time zone change syndrome known as jet-lag occurs when people travel from east to west or west to east on jet plane. Long-distance travelers can combat the feelings of jet-lag by taking preventive measures in advance. Sleepiness and confusion are common symptoms. Without the shift in schedule in advance jet lag can get extended for over a week.

For long duration trips, the steps to ease the jet lag are:

Before you start your Journey

  1. Be prepared in advance for the change in the time zones like change in sleep and meal timings.
  2. Align your schedule with the new time zone a week in advance. The body will prepare itself for the changes.
  3. If the difference in time is several hours, push yourself one hour ahead or back accordingly. More than this duration would interfere with routine functions.
  4. Stay away from caffeinated alcoholic drinks for the degree of fatigue caused would be high. But staying hydrated is important to avoid dehydration.
  5. Travel direction has also effect on whether or not you would feel jet lagged. If you are travelling to east, start going to bed early and getting up an hour earlier each morning. For travel in west, make an effort to go to bed late for few nights.

After you reach the Destination:

  1. Travelers to the east are suggested seeking out afternoon light, and travelers to the west should look for morning light.
  2. Force your body to eat and sleep on local time starting right after the arrival.
  3. For the travelers to the east taking a small dose of melatonin at the local bedtime reduces the symptoms, and helps aligning the body clock. For the travelers to the west, taking melatonin during the second half of the night is suggested. However, it is advised to consult a doctor before you take it.
  4. Expose yourself to the bright light in the very early morning to wake up the body clock.
  5. Exercising, twisting and stretching your body on the flight and thereafter often reduces the stress in the body, and eases the symptoms of jet-lag.
  6. Experiment with various relaxing therapies. Best is with your experience and from the experiences of your friends, you shall very well know what suits your best the best!

It would be best to implement the combination of all above tactics for giving yourself relaxed feeling throughout. For short trips, however, readjusting the body clock is not suggested, and same routine as of home place could be followed. Just know that mind is more powerful than any other means. So, before you set on your holiday after booking cheap holiday packages, read the above tips so that you enjoy to the fullest. Tell yourself firmly, you are energetic and fresh right this moment.

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