Dubai Travel Guide for First Time Visitors!

Dubai Travel

Dubai is the place that has endless things and experience to offer but no traveler can enjoy all of Dubai in their one trip. From award-winning restaurants to huge glossy buildings and cultural hub to mesmerizing souks, we bet you can’t explore every bit of this place on your first trip. Therefore, we are jotting down a few unique things to explore on your first trip, so that you can enjoy at least something on your 1st Dubai trip. You just need to start searching tour and travel deals to make your visit reasonable.

Spend a night in the desert

Spend a night in the desert

If you are tired of looking at tall buildings and luxurious malls then dear friend you to spend a night in the desert. You can go to Bedouin-style tent or you can visit the Desert Conservation Reserve. The view of sunset can’t be missed from the gorgeous desert landscape.

See the historic fishing town of Al Bastakiya

Al Bastakiya

Take a break from city life and move towards the Bastakiya Quarter. Here you can visit historic buildings, gorgeous architecture and smaller souks, these few factors make Old Dubai so fascinating. If you want to take a time out from the heat, you can go and visit the Dubai Museum to know more about the place.

Watch the sunrise

Watch the sunrise

Wake up early and experience the most beautiful part of your trip and that is the sunrise through air ballooning. It may scare you a bit but it’s the best way to see the sunrise and absorb the unforgettable view of sunrise.

The souks for spices and gold

When in Dubai and not filled your bag with species and gold, well you have wasted your trip. The best time to visit the market is early morning, as you will find less visitors and can shop hassle-free.

Try your hand at falconry

Try your hand at falconry

Falconry handling is an art and an unforgettable experience. So, learn more about how to handle these pretty birds. Falconry is a vital part of history in Dubai and to protect them and spread awareness about them, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage is formed.

For first-timers, these are the unique things that you should add on your list of Dubai travel. It will help you a lot and your time will be saved on deciding where to go first. Check the list and head forward accordingly to make your first trip a memorable one. These points will save your time whereas booking your Dubai holiday package with JourneyCook will save your money. They offer very reasonable deals and discounts on travel to Dubai. So get in touch with them and share your requirements to make your travel more worthy.

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