Can You Bring Food On A Plane? Let’s See!

food on flight

This is the very common question which arises in every passenger’s mind before boarding the flight that whether they can bring food on a plane or not. We all are aware of the fact that there are very fewer options when it comes to food on air. Some flights even don’t provide food and some will offer you snacks but you have to pay for it. But if you are traveling in Business class and First Class, well they have some great options for food.

So, you can purchase the food from the airport and that food you can take with you on the flight. But in case you don’t have time and you have allergies from some food then my dear friend you are out of luck. The worst part is that the airport food is super expensive.

The best way to save your money is to prepare your own food and bring it with your travel meal. Therefore, here we are going to discuss some tips for carrying and making food for your next flight travel.

Understand The TSA Regulations

TSA Regulations

In carry on luggage the Transport Security Administration restricts all gels and liquids which are more than 1 litre, so you should carry them in less quantity and it should get fit in the zip-close plastic bag. There are no restrictions on baby food, baby milk and juices for infants as well as liquid medicines but yes when it comes to cream cheese, sauces, frosting, jelly, puddings and peanut butter and soft food items there is a lot of restrictions. It is advisable to carry your food in a clean bag or containers.

See The Beverage Options

Beverage Options

After passing from the security process, you can purchase beverages. To save more money you can carry the sachets of flavored juices of coffee and just as the attendant to give you some water. Enjoy your drink on the flight.

Plan Your In-Flight Menu

Plan Your In-Flight Menu

Foods like wraps, salad, and sandwiches are very convenient to carry and can easily be consumed on the flight. It is best to carry them in a secure box just to avoid leakage. Dry fruits, crackers, chocolates, and bars are some of the best options which you can take on a plane with you. Or if you want to eat something delicious, you can anytime go for instant food like oats, Maggi or hot cereal, just ask your flight attendant to give you some hot water and you are good to go. Make sure to discard the food which you are carrying with you if you are traveling abroad, as many countries may restrict these items. So before landing discard them all.

Fellow Passengers Comfort and Safety Is To Be Taken Care Of As Well

Fellow Passengers Comfort

It is very important to consider your fellow passenger’s comfort when you are traveling via flight. Plan your menu in such a way that you don’t bother the other passengers. Before eating, ask your fellow passengers, he/ she might have some allergy with the food you are eating. So the best way is to eat at the airport instead of eating it on the plane. Do not carry any food item which has a strong odor as this may annoy other passengers.

So these are few tips which you can follow when traveling via plane and need some food to it. Now you must be thinking that from where to book the flights and cheap vacation packages. Well, JourneyCook is one of the best travel partners, so contact them and get the best deals and offers as well.

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