Amazing Singapore Mountain Biking Trails

singapore trails

singapore trails

People who love to ride the bike will always search for that one moment when they get chance to experience mountain biking. And Singapore offers some amazing mountain biking trails that will make your two-wheeled outdoor adventure more interesting.

The ultimate thrill is here and you should opt for Singapore trails to experience it. It will surely going to give you the adrenaline rush and will make your trip more unforgettable and worthy. Here we have jotted down some trails for bikers who can have some fun while going for biking, Check them out:

singapore trails

Ketam Mountain Bike Park

It is situated on the island of Pulau Ubin and with its blend of rock-littered descents and technical climbs, it even gives experienced riders a tough time. There are 3 trails which are classified with its difficulties level – for beginners the Blue Square loop is perfect but for riders who are experienced and love to challenge their skills they can opt for Double Black Diamond and for intermediate level Black Diamond is fine. The mesmerizing views of the Ketam Querry at the time of riding will make riders feel very relaxing and there are many points which are famous for Instagram moments and you can definitely try them out.

Mandai Track 15

Bike enthusiasts know this track as T15 and it has the amazing blend of trails and tracks via sections of open clearing and forests and for runners and walkers, there are also trails so it’s recommended to keep the distance from them. This track is suggested or intermediate-level and beginners riders because of the straight and flat tracks.

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Kent Ridge Mountain Bike Trail

This trail is definitely not for beginners but for experts. The plenty of berms sizes and winding corners can challenge the speed of the riders and they need to maintain the balance as well as apply some techniques. Apparently steep concave drops will challenge your courage and you need to use the technique here. Its fun but for experienced and expert riders.

Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail

With muddy corners, long climbs, gnarly roots, and sharp descents it’s one of the first Singapore trial riding gateways. As its 6.5 km long, therefore it is going to test the stamina and endurance of the riders. It is the unique cross-country trail that has the amazing mix of technical features as well as light forest. This tail will give you some gorgeous scenic beauty as well as riding fun.

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Chestnut Nature Park (South)

This flowly and smooth track gives beginners an amazing experience as they can ride with ease and comfortable pace. The expert riders can go for more difficult, harder and faster track through the berms.

So bikers here are some crazy and interesting trails you can opt for your vacation and go for an energetic ride. And to get some tour and travel deals on your Singapore package contact JourneyCook.

They will definitely going to offer you cheap package and will make your pocket happy. So wash your bikes and grab some basic stuff you need on the most memorable ride of your life.

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