Amazing Free Things To Do In Dubai

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Dubai is popular for its luxurious destinations, high-class shopping malls and obvious the glittery gold souk. If you are visiting Dubai with a tight budget, you can save the money and spend it on these kinds of stuff.

And for that, you need to check out the list given below which will show you free things to do in Dubai and enjoy your trip without spending much. With these free things, you can also save by grabbing the cheap package for your travel. Here comes the list that you should consider when holidaying in Dubai:

Culture and Heritage

Visit Al Shindagha to get the real picture of heritage and culture. It’s totally free and you will get to enjoy the crafts made by artisans typically the locals. If you are a lover of craft, well this handicraft exhibit where there are endless crafts and art is being showcased, is the best place for you.

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FOY for yoga classes

If you are a fitness freak and love to do yoga, you can visit FOY for free and do your workout at five spots across Dubai.

Love for Camels

The Camel museum is the best place to know more about the Ship of the desert. As you take a tour, you will learn more about the Arabs and camels relationship. Camels are such an important part of Dubai that you will even see the auditorium that shows presentation on Camels.

Pyramids Rooftop Gardens

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You can’t miss the opportunity to watch a free movie on Sunday evening when in Dubai. It’s a very interesting concept, as here you can enjoy movie sitting on colorful bean bags and under the open night sky. This should be added to your Dubai holiday tour package, as it is very interesting and romantic.

Exotic Dubai Marine Life

To see the Marine life the fee of Aquarium is 70 Dirhams, but you can watch it for free, right outside the entrance of Mall where there is the largest acrylic panel to enjoy the view.

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Enjoy the Dancing Fountain for free

People who know the little bit about Dubai have this idea that the Dancing fountain is so much popular in the world and you can see it for free by just visiting the Dubai Mall. So go and dance with the fountain and enjoy your trip for free.

These are few things you can do for free in Dubai but to save more you can look for tour and travel deals to minimize your traveling cost and spend that money somewhere else. Plan your trip and collect some unforgettable moments to cherish.

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