Affordable Holiday Package from JourneyCook!

Are you always postponing your holidays due to increase in airfares? Now there is no need to make your friends and family upset as you think that your budget is not enough for a lavish holiday. With JourneyCook, we promise you get memories and not just a holiday. We plan everything for you from air ticket booking to hotel reservation, we do it all!

Below are mentioned some of the tips which shall help you in booking a holiday package including flights to India from USA at the lowest possible rate:

  • Book your Tickets at least Six Weeks in Advance: If you are wanting to book your tickets to India then booking at least 6 weeks in advance will fetch you the minimum cost. Another advantage of booking air tickets in advance is that you have time to look for the seat in your favorite airline. Thus, book the cheapest air tickets with JourneyCook to the destination of your choice.
  • Last Minute Air Deals: Many a times, you get to plan for a vacation without planning in advance. You shall not worry if you are caught in such a situation as our travel experts give you such exciting deals at the last moment also that you will jump up high in excitement.
  • Early Morning and Late Night Deals: If you want to save more money on your flights, then booking of early morning and late night flights will be beneficial for you. These flights cost cheaper than the flights which fly at the afternoon or evening times. If you think that your sleep will get disturbed then I have a tip for you, save money and catch with your sleep in the flight!
  • Be Alert for the Best Deals: You must be aware of the best ongoing deals. Get in touch with your travel agent and he shall guide you for the best options available. You can book the hotels together with the flights and get cheaper rates on hotels and flights both. You can also look for the best time to book your tickets. It has been observed that if you book your tickets at 3PM EST on Tuesdays, you shall get the best rate.

Thus, if you have fixed budget in mind, then without any apprehensions call our travel experts and they shall help you in booking your holiday package well within your budget.

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