7 Things To Keep In Mind When You Decide To Visit Dubai

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When you plan to go to Dubai, you think of dynamic culture, shopping heaven, Lots of luxurious things to do. Dubai has so much to offer every traveler that your travel time is never enough. If you seriously want to have full fun and want to explore every bit of this ambitious and admirable city, you definitely need at least 10 days for it.

There are so many things you do in your city and wish to do the same when you travel to some other city but rules and law are different. Therefore, you need to know few things before you visit any city or country. For your Dubai, we have jotted down few things which will help you to make your travel fun and safe. Scroll down to check them out:


October and April – Best Time

You will be noticing two seasons in Dubai – Hot and hotter. As October is considered a winter month, therefore it is the perfect month to hit the beach and enjoy the blue sky. You must be having this knowledge that October is the time of rain in Dubai but we would recommend that don’t make your trip get affected because of that, as the rain doesn’t last long in this city.

Search flight 6 months ahead

The cheapest seats in International airline releases 6 months before the date of departure. This doesn’t mean that you have to book it so early but yes you can start looking for flights in advance so that if you find any, you can immediately take the advantage and book it at low cost.

Do advance hotel booking

Dubai is such a popular option for holiday and vacations that the hotels get booked in advance and it might be possible that you won’t be getting the one you wish to stay at. Therefore to avoid this type of situation, all you can do is go for advance hotel booking.

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Dress Modestly

While you are packing your vacation clothing, keep one thing in mind that Dubai culture doesn’t allow any sort of indecent outfit like short, tight and transparent outfits for women and not wearing a shirt is not acceptable for men. It’s recommended to dress modestly and show some respect to Muslim culture.

Take permission before clicking pictures

It is not acceptable in Dubai to take picture of Muslim woman without her permission. If you are clicking a picture of scenic beauty or major tourist areas in that case you don’t need permission. But for military installations, government buildings, airports etc. You require a proper permission to take their pictures.

Tipping is permitted or not

Well nobody expects tips in Dubai, but yes it is very common in most of the cities. Mainly restaurants add their tips in the bill and taxi drivers don’t expect it. But you can give small tip to luggage barrier and baggers in a supermarket.

Don’t indulge into PDA

Public display of affections is highly not acceptable in Dubai and it is an offense. Many tourists have been arrested and imprisoned because of PDA, so it’s better to avoid holding hands and kissing your partner when you are in public place.

Don’t refrain yourself after reading these points as it’s worth visiting Dubai once in your lifetime. There are some rules which you have to follow in every city and country but that doesn’t mean it is not worth traveling. So plan your vacation now and enjoy the luxurious city. Don’t worry about the booking process, you can anytime contact JourneyCook for your Dubai holiday tour packages and get best deals and prices.


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