20 Things to Know Before You Go to Bali

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When you follow your heart you wake up in Bali. Well, this amazingly gorgeous place has this effect on travelers that they always wish to come back to Bali. It is so beautiful and has so much to explore. From interesting beaches which are just picture perfect and the paradise for hikers, the world-class dining to beautiful countryside, it has all the features any tourist is looking for to make their vacation a memorable one. And the best
part is it’s not expensive at all.

Bali is the most popular destination for friends to spend some quality time by doing hiking, getting laid in bars and dancing in clubs as well as it’s a perfect destination for honeymoon couples. They get the gorgeous scenic beauty to capture picture-perfect images with amazing food. It’s known as Island of God’s for a reason and that is after so much tourism, it’s beauty has remained the same and never compromised on the natural beauty by adding some manmade touch to it. That’s the best part of Bali and despite the fact that the Island is small still, you will find endless of places to visit and explore, like ancient temples, the opportunity to surf, palace to cherish and active volcanoes with wild jungles.

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To save you from any classic mistake on your trip to Bali here is the useful list of things you should know before going to this amazing place. These tips are basic and easy to follow but f you consider them, they will surely going to make a big difference in your travel experience.

Getting to Bali

1) VISA: Visa on arrival fees in Bali is USD 35 but for nationals of 169 countries it’s free for 30 days.

2) WEATHER: Best time to visit is May-August whereas October-April is considered as wet season and May-September is the dry season.

3) SPECIAL DAYS: There is no travel during Nyepi’ which is popularly known as Saka New Year. It usually takes place in March but dates may vary as it depends on Saka lunar calendar.

Getting Around

4) DRIVING: Drive on the left.

5) RENTALS: To drive and rent motorbikes or cars, you need to have International drivers; license.

6) TAXIS: Blue Bird Taxi (+62 (0)361 701 111) is most reliable and popular – all of their taxis are metered.

7) TRAFFIC: Traffic in Bali is notoriously congested, so travel accordingly, and keeping the time in mind.

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Money Matters

9) CURRENCY: USD 1 = IDR 14,000

10) ATMs: When you are using a foreign bank card, Master or Visa, the transaction fees vary, sometimes it’s too high. ATMs dispense IDR 50,000 or 100,000 bills. Be safe from skimmers and rigged units and don’t forget to take your money and card after each transaction.

11) EXCHANGE: Always check your money because while counting the money in front of you they let some money fall behind the counter and you won’t even see that. So it’s advisable to count again after receiving the money from the exchanger.

Staying Connected

14) SIM CARDS: The availability of SIM cards is good at kiosks and convenient stores and most of them mobile internet-ready but you need to verify SIM and micro-SIM factors when purchasing.

15) ELECTRICITY: 220 Volts, 50Hz. Electrical plugs are two-pronged ‘Europlug’ type. Customs and Etiquette

16) TEMPLES: Sarong is the outfit which is preferred to wear when you are going to the temple. Temples are generally free to visit. However, you may experience that some people will show you donation box. It is recommended to use the right hand for gesture and never left hand or feet.


Staying Safe

17) WATER: Tap water is not safe to drink but ice in drinks at reputed bars, hotels, and restaurants are usually safe to intake.

18) DRUGS: Death is the penalty for the drug. So it’s better to take it seriously.

19) MONKEYS: When visiting monkey forest, it’s recommended to wear less accessories, don’t approach or feed monkeys – they are not pets but wild animals.

20) EMERGENCIES: Dial 118 for ambulance and 110 for police in case of emergencies.

These are few things you should know before you visit Bali. And for your Bali vacation package, you can anytime contact JourneyCook , they will be happy to assist you and will provide you itinerary as per your budget.

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