Tips to Travel with Family from USA to India

If you are amongst those, who fear traveling with kids international, then after reading the article your all doubts will be cleared! Traveling with young kids is entirely different from that with families or couples. One has to be more prepared and pack accordingly.


There are many questions in mind when you have to travel with kids. Do you have a passport for your family? What do you pack for your kids? How will your kids be entertained?

If you haven’t experienced a trip with your kids before or had bad experiences before, then you are at the right place.

Book an Accommodation with separate Sleeping Area:

When you are holidaying with kids, then you have to be sure that the accommodation is well suited to them. It is always better that you hire apartment rentals which would be perfect for you. These are mostly cheaper than hotels. These also have furnished kitchens, so that you can cook what appeals to your kids. In India, such accommodations are available easily at much affordable rates.
At JourneyCook, we understand your situation and find out the best accommodation for you.

You must always have all your Reservations done it Advance:

When we travel without kids, we hardly make any reservations beforehand. But with kids you must always plan in advance so that you are sure that your kids are comfortable during your holiday.
You shall also know then what things to pack depending on the weather in India at the place you have chosen. JourneyCook, experienced travel agents are proficient enough to book your hotels, transportation so that you don’t need to bother for anything while holidaying.
Surprises and Gifts are a very good way to Please your child:
When you know that your child won’t sit longer for an hour at any place, it is a good option to get some gifts for him. So that he gets busy with his new toys.

Choose your Destination wisely:

You must contact the travel agents of our company who will be best to guide you for destinations which are ideal for kids. These destinations have kid friendly parks and other facilities where your kids will be occupied.

Pack Wisely

We must never pack too much that it is difficult to soothe the cranky child at the airport or during journey. Pack only the stuff that is most necessary and important. Always bring the best toy of your child so that he doesn’t feel lonely. Also, getting a stroller is moist important.

Thus, your trip from USA to India will be smooth if you follow these tips wisely.

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