Travel Destination For Solo Traveling In 2019

solo travel

Solo traveling is always fun and if you need a break from everyone and everything around you then this is the best escape plan. Self –indulgence is very important as some point of time, so why not this year plan a vacation which doesn’t require any friends or family. Know more about yourself and what you want to do in 2019. Solo traveling is the best way to get rejuvenated and collect some energy to start the year. It is said that when you go on a solo trip, you self- discover many new things.

When you travel with someone, you normally ignore many talking to other visitors as well as you hardly get time to explore anything, it becomes more of a planned trip than an exploration one while in Solo trip you get the chance to talk to locals, other travelers as well as can explore more. So, your first trip this year should be a solo one. Check out the list below for the destinations which you can visit:

New Zealand

New Zealand

The lush green forest, superb glaciers and high peaks of the Southern Alps attract the travelers more. And for solo travelers, you can do some trekking, hiking, jet boating and jumping which will obviously be going to add too much of fun on your trip. Do all these activities while talking to some open-minded travelers and it may be possible that you will make some great friends on your trip to cherish forever.



Spain is one of the best places to explore for solo travel, filled with so plenty of tourist attractions –beautiful landscapes, interesting architecture, mesmerizing museums, and vivacious cities. From amazing Spanish food to colorful streets, you get so many spots to take the perfect Instagram pic. The artwork is another main thing which attracts tourist here, so for you Solo travelers, there are plenty of things to explore in Spain. So book your Spain Tour Package now and enjoy the start of 2019.

Costa Rica

costa rica

You would be amazed to know the fact that Solo adventure travel was created here, as it is said to be the happiest country in the world as well as it has the lowest crime rate. This American vacation destination is so famous among Americans as well, they come here to become the part of the rafting expedition for a day as well as to surf on a Pacific coast. We would recommend you to book your rafting in advance to save yourself from any on- time hassle.



The colorful street life in Vietnam as well as the food, people and hospitality, everything attracts solo tourist here. It’s very safe to roam around and explore the new things here. Beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities you are going to get everything you want to explore on your Solo travel.



The people of Chile are very welcoming, friendly and warm. So if you are open to doing some adventure then go for mountains, deserts as well as coastline. For solo travelers, this place is divine and filled with adventures.

This year take a strong decision and spend some alone time with yourself to explore the world like a free bird. And for your tour and travel deals contact JourneyCook and get the best travel services as well as the satisfactory trip.

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