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River Safari Ride

When it comes to traveling with family we need something very special and have to decide on a place that makes every member happy. Considering the liking and disliking of members, you need to decide the exact place to visit. It is said that Singapore is the place which is loved by everyone because it has so much to offer to each traveler and gives a warm welcome. Here are few things that you should definitely do in Singapore and by book your family holiday tour package now.

River Safari Ride

River Safari Ride

It is Asia’s 1st and the only river-themed wildlife park. Around the world, it is consisting of ten various ecosystems which include the Yangtze River, Amazon, River Nile, Mississippi, and Tundra. As you go on an adventure, your senses start enjoying the wildlife and lush vegetation. This ride and park with surely going to captivate you.

Transformers: The 3D Ride at Universal Studios

Universal Studios

Enjoy the battle between Autobots and Deceptions which is for sure a worth witnessing. At Universal studio when you board the N.E.S.T vehicle with Bumblebee and Optimum Prime, the level of adventure goes into a next level which makes the family love the vacation for sure. You must be thinking that this ride will only be loved by kids but that’s a myth, even elders do love it too.

Family Swing at Sentosa

Family Swing at Sentosa

The entertainment for all the ages is here in Santona Island. Be it soaking the sun or going for an adventure ride to the theme parks, the fun never ends in this place. Get yourself ready to enjoy the wonder of human flights where you can swoop, swing and scream with fun. This thrilling experience will make you thank yourself that you choose Singapore for your family vacation. So book your family swing with tour operators and enjoy the ride.

Visit Singapore Zoo with family

Singapore is the next best destination to visit with your family and meet the Ah Meng and her orangutan family. Go for jungle breakfast with wildlife and watch the primates playing and enjoy the habitat. From elevated boardwalk experience the view of the natural habitat that offers a 360-degree view.

These are the few main things that you should not miss when in Singapore. There are many other things to do here but the above-mentioned things will make your travel more worthy. Now you must be thinking whom to contact to book the cheap holiday packages, well we would recommend you Journeycook, as they are one of the best travel advisers and will book your package on very reasonable prices as well as will offer you hassle-free process.

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